Take the tour and see for yourself!

Yesterday, we had a great turn-out for our first ever Nature Centre virtual event. Guests were invited on a virtual tour of the current Nature Centre, hosted by LSRCA’s Education Manager, Nicole Hamley and were shown where the new Nature Centre will be built. Did you miss the event? Why not take your own self-guided tour here!

Nature Centre TourTake the Tour

What’s inside?

The tour is an immersive experience that includes 10 slides of the exterior and interior of the current centre and also reveals the location of where the new centre will be built. Each slide has descriptions to help inform and guide you throughout. Grab the screen and look around, up and down to get a full view of the room or area that you are trying to explore.

Have questions about the Nature Centre and/or how you can help the Connect Campaign? Contact Connect Campaign manager, Lisa Spinks.