Gow Hastings and Two Row, our talented architects, are very excited to be working on the final design, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Nestled into nature at Scanlon Creek Conservation Area, it will be the perfect blend of form and function. A special place, where children and the entire community will be inspired by the natural wonders all around us. The internal project team is now meeting regularly, and pre-construction work with the Town of Bradford will begin, along with the impact and planning studies that will be part of the upcoming site plan approval.

A new location within Scanlon Creek Conservation Area close to the existing Operations Centre (seen in photo above), but still set within the forest is being proposed as this will make site serving more efficient. We expect this process to take a number of months, with site approval and final design process targeted to be complete by Fall 2023. Construction is set to begin in early 2024.