On Giving Tuesday, Lake Simcoe Conservation Foundation (LSCF) launched a mini documentary, “Thank you, Donors. A 2020 Year in Review” showcasing the many projects and programs they support in a year in review format, with one of the features being the Connect Campaign to build a new nature centre at Scanlon Creek Conservation Area.

Our education program is a pillar of all of our programs and services here at the authority and now more than ever with COVID-19, we understand that kids need to be outside – they need to be immersed in nature. We need to be able to provide the programming for them to really appreciate and love nature.  ~ Mike Walters, CAO, Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

The mini documentary puts a spotlight on the new innovative Forest School program in action. Outdoor Educator, Cassandra Connell goes on to explain how, “Forest School is a fully outdoor program that encourages students to learn at their own pace and in their own time.” The camera then pans to show children’s faces lighting up, even as a a light rain begins to fall, immersing themselves in nature and learning to love it in all types of weather.

But don’t let us spoil the documentary for you, watch it for yourself! Take in the breathtaking views of Lake Simcoe and learn about how all of the work in our watershed is connected, including inspiring our next generation of environmental champions. Who knows, maybe one of those students will be Lake Simcoe’s next limnologist or ecologist?!

That’s what happened for a little fourth grade student named Lori who attended Scanlon’s Outdoor Education program so many years ago. If you watch closely, she’s featured in three projects in the mini doc.

Be inspired this holiday season, and make a donation to the Connect Campaign today.