Let’s be honest, times have been tough. As the devastating COVID-19 virus spread in 2020, the resulting effects of the pandemic were felt in so many ways. That holds true for the world of fundraising as well. We all knew there was strong support out there for the new Nature Centre, but understandably so, there was a time where people were filled with uncertainty. Thankfully, with the province beginning to open up – those times are changing!

As we continue to move forward with the Connect Campaign, we feel hopeful and inspired by our donors, like Mosaik Homes who are “Making it Happen!” with a $25,000 donation to the new Nature Centre and Scanlon Creek Conservation Area.

Mosaik Homes is excited to help build the new Nature Centre at Scanlon Creek with a $25,000 donation to the Connect Campaign. Mosaik Homes was founded on a strong family tradition of home building expertise and giving back to the communities we build in is at our core. We look towards the future for inspiration and for us that includes ensuring that our children have a place to get outside to learn about nature. Now more than ever, nature is key to improving our health and wellbeing and the new Nature Centre will be at the heart of it. I urge everyone in our sector to join us and support this incredible project.“, says Rob Vitullo, President, Mosaik Homes

Mosaik Homes’ dedication to building communities that support the whole well being, including places where children can explore and learn about nature is to be commended. We thank you for your contribution and hope it inspires others to join with their own pledge!

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