Wow, what a great way to finish off 2021 and start 2022. Together, we hit another major milestone with two million dollars raised, thank you!

We’re in the News!

Recently, our story was shared on the front page of the local Bradford Topic newspaper. The article, ‘Campaign Aims To Raise Last $1M for Nature Centre” was written by reporter Laura Broadley and published on Thursday December 16, 2021. After a rough fundraising year in 2020, it was a great way to finish off 2021 on a high note. We are now excited to carry the momentum into 2022!

The Future is Near

It won’t be long now before we have the space to meet the ongoing demand from school boards to accommodate more students with outdoor education. And welcome them we will! The building will be energy efficient (no more baseboard heating!) and fully accessible for everyone to enjoy.

We’ve made it this far because of our wonderful supporters. Thank you! Now, let’s get past that finish line. Do you know someone who might want to help us get there? Contact Lake Simcoe Conservation Foundation’s Executive Director, Cheryl Taylor ( to get the conversation started.