In our last donor update, we announced that we have now surpassed the $2,000,000 goal for the Connect Campaign and that the campaign has received approval from the federal government under the Green and Inclusive Community Buildings Program for support of $4.17 Million. We are pleased to announce $300,000 in new pledges to the campaign:

United Soils Management:    $200,000
Brookfield Homes:                  $50,000
Kerbel Group:                         $25,000
Bazil Developments:              $25,000

Thank you all for your incredible contribution to the new Nature Centre. United Soils, Kerbel and Bazil are already Connect Campaign Donors and are so passionate about the project that they have increased their pledges to help bring us closer to our goal.

“Tiny Seedlings & United Soils have a continued inspiration to give families across communities more awareness towards our environment and our children’s future years. This enhanced pledge will allow for that to happen with fun and education centric programs at Scanlon.” says, Alec Cloke

Thank you to all donors for your continued support for this great project as we creep closer to that finish line of $3,000,000!